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Paid Social Media Advertising.

The fundamentals of Social Media marketing change pretty much every single day. There are over 3.5 billion active Social Media users across the globe and brands across the world, in many different industries, of all different shapes an sizes have optimised the way they get themselves in front of new and existing customers. 

Across the most popular Social Media channels, a new account is created just over every 6 seconds, on average. Further data informs us that the average user spends around 142 minutes on various Social media channels every single day. 

By partnering with an expert, award-winning Social Media agency will help you determine which platform(s) your customers are using, whilst promoting your brand, products or services in front of them – resulting in a huge return on investment for your brand; whilst increasing in exposure at the same time. 

Regular reporting.

Receive a basic weekly breakdown of insights as well as a full, in-depth report at the end of every month

Your own account manager.

You will be allocated your own account manager who you will have direct contact with and will provide you with regular communication

No long-term contracts.

We don’t work with long-term contracts, meaning you are not tied in to working with us for a long time (we know you will want to though…)

We create and optimise award-winning campaigns, quite literally… We were awarded ‘Digital Marketing Campaign Of The Year Award’ for one of our Paid Social campaigns with a creative furniture brand. 

This proves that our Paid Social specialists know how to build and optimise Paid Social campaigns that scale brands.

Our team of Social Savvy experts manages budgets ranging from a few hundred pounds a month, up to £20,000 and over. We know how to scale profitable campaigns consistently.

We have our own in-house team of creatives who understand how crucial a strong creative is for any Paid Social campaign.

When working with us, you don’t just get access to our specialist Ad Buyers, but you also get access to our creative team which consists of photographers, videographers, graphic designers and more.

With our expert team, we can produce high-performing creatives for your Paid Social campaigns, resulting in more customers through your door, a better ROAS with a lower cost per customer.  

Paid Social Strategy

Before getting started, we create a strong Paid Social strategy that is based on your brand and objectives you are wanting to achieve.

Facebook Marketing

We help you connect with your ideal target audience on one of the most popular Social Media platforms, delivering ads to new, potential customers.

Instagram Marketing

Promoting your brand with thumb-stopping visual creatives to help stay at the top of your audience’s mind with Instagram’s powerful advertising features.

LinkedIn Marketing

Helping your brand connect with fellow business professionals and develop the opportunity to identify prospective customers through LinkedIn’s Ads. 

TikTok Marketing

Creating excitement and getting creative with your brand by developing fun and engaging video adverts across Social Media’s up and coming new channel.


Helping you be able to target previous website views or people who have engaged with your brand, to push them further down the funnel to a customer.

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As an agency with over 14 years of experience and spending over £7,000,000 across many different Paid Social campaigns, we’ve tried and tested many different processes to implement with our clients. 

Before launching a new campaign, we follow our proven method which allows us to hit the ground running as soon as we switch the campaign on and start targeting your desired targeting audience. 

Plan & Research

We spend time examining previous data from your brand, as well as sales data - plus your audience, competitors and more to help us build out a winning campaign structure.

Optimise & Test

We don't set and forget campaigns. We monitor all of our live campaigns every single day and make relevant optimisations as and when required. We test, test and test.

Designing Creatives

Our creative team produce image, graphic and video content to help stop your audience scrolling. Making them eye-catching and engaging, to get your audience clicking-through to find out more.


We have developed our own reporting dashboards, which allows you to understand what is driving the most performance - helping showcase all of your activity and is accessible 24/7.

Social Media marketing is a lot more advanced than you think and requires a specialist skill that takes years of training and hands on experience to get the very best out of your campaigns. 

There are many different parts to a Social Media campaign that require different skill sets:

  • Strategic – creating strategies and implementing them, as well as identifying areas of improvement for campaign creative and targeting. This consists of recommending new approaches, analysing competitors, discovering new topics and trends and much more.
  • Technical – Discovering the right audiences, setting up and analysing A/B tests, managing budgets and generating reports.
  • Creative – Finding the type of creatives your audience would want to see and creating engaging content that stops your audience from scrolling to find out more about your ad. 

With the average user spending over 3 hours a day on different platforms, and nearly half of the entire worlds population now actively using Social Media; this provides massive opportunity to advertise across these spaces.

Using a winning Paid Social Media strategy will benefit your business massively with ways such as increasing brand awareness, attracting new customers, re-engaging with old customers as well as building and maintaining customer relationships. 

No matter what kind of business you are, you can expect to see results through Paid Social pretty soon compared to other strategies. When working with us, we create a clear timeline for your success, which will be outlined in your proposal with clear targets.

As an award-winning Digital and Creative agency, we have an outstanding track record of strong results and we get the fast-paced world of Social Media, combined with other platforms. 

We create bespoke marketing strategies, such as implementing PPC and SEO that work together to create amazing results. 

We deliver Paid Social campaigns that fall hand-in-hand with other platforms to deliver even better results; delivering a better ROAS quickly and efficiently.


We’re that confident in getting brands we work with results, we don’t have any long-term contracts. Our clients work with us because they find it to be the best solution for their marketing. 

We start on a minimum of a 3-month term contract, before moving to a monthly rolling contract – allowing you to drop out at any point should you find the results to not be worthy enough for you. 


Yes, we sure can! At Addicted. Marketing, we’re a full-service agency which means we offer pretty much anything your business needs when it comes to Digital Marketing.


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