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FREE Digital Marketing & Website Audit

At Addicted. Marketing, we’ve scaled over 250 brands across the UK and Europe, generating £15,000,000 worth of revenue through our work; making us a trusted Marketing partner. Our passion les in helping businesses scale through Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Website Design and Organic and Paid Social strategies.

With our expertise, we are offering you the chance to have your Digital Marketing strategies auditted by one of our Growth Experts. This allows you to find out the real results of your campaigns, how they are performing and where they can be improved.

Get your FREE Digital Marketing and Website audit now. 

Choose your Audit


Our PPC audit typically includes a comprehensive review of ad campaign settings, keyword performance, ad copy effectiveness, budget allocation, landing page quality, and conversion tracking accuracy.

Paid Social

Our Paid Social audit includes a comprehensive analysis of ad campaign performance, audience targeting, ad creatives, budget allocation, ad spend efficiency, and ROI measurement.

Social Audit

Our Organic Social audit includes an in-depth analysis of a brand’s social media, content strategy, engagement, and follower demographics to assess performance and identify areas for improvement in organic (non-paid) social media efforts.


A website audit typically includes an in-depth analysis of a site’s performance, structure, content, SEO factors, user experience, and security to identify areas for improvement.


Our SEO audit includes an analysis of on-page factors (such as content and meta tags), off-page factors (like backlinks and social signals), technical elements (including website structure and speed), and a competitive analysis to identify opportunities for improving a website’s search engine visibility.

We are digital marketing specialists, not generalists.

Get your FREE Digital Marketing & Website Audit

Do you want to receive your FREE Digital Marketing and Website audit? Simply fill out our enquiry form and one of our Growth Experts will be in touch within 24-48 hours. 

Once you have chosen which Audit you would like, simply hit ‘Submit’ and we will be in touch to seek access to the relevant platforms we need in order to access your Ads’ or Website’s data. 

Once we have the right access, we will get to work in completing your Audit. We aim to have your Audit complete within 7 days of your enquiry, in which you will be sent the Audit in a PDF form to your email. You will also receive a 30 minute FREE consultation with our Growth Expert’s to go through the audit together.

Free Digital Marketing Audit

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