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Pass The Keys are a ‘new kind’ of property management company, that specialise in the short-term letting market, such as short-lets, Airbnb’s and holiday homes. Pass The Keys work with bespoke software systems that make sure the property’s are successfully marketed, occupied and kept safe at all times. The experience that the property managers’ have under their belts, allows them to deliver a seamless and profitable hosting experience – allowing Short-Let property owners to enjoy a passive income stream. 

Pass The Keys offer 3 types of ‘management’ to their hosts; Property Management, Guest Management and Listing Management. Making them a full-service agency, allowing the homeowner to be able to sit back, relax and maximise their income. 

The start

We started working with a number of Pass The Keys franchises back in 2022, to help them with 3 objectives:

  • Develop their digital presence & brand awareness
  • Generate more property leads
  • Generate more bookings for their properties

We aimed to achieve those objectives by taking over the management of their Organic Social Media, Paid Social Media as well as setting up and managing Google Ads campaigns. Alongside that, we also set-up ‘mini’ websites/landing pages for each specific franchise

A lot of these franchises had no, or little, existing digital presence; so we came in and completely overhauled their Facebook and Instagram channels. 

Organic Social

Some of the franchises we worked with already had an existing audience who liked or followed their Facebook and Instagram pages. However, there were also some that didn’t have any Social Media channels at all, which meant we had to start fresh.

As a part of our Organic Social Media services, we created a custom content calendar every single month, bespoke to each location which consisted of regular content, unique to their area aimed at their existing audiences – as well as falling hand-in-hand with their Paid Social campaigns too. 

Our team of creatives implemented a fresh tone of voice, which also remained consistent across each franchise to make sure it matched across the brand. We also developed new creatives, again which were consistent throughout each franchise to help boost brand recognition. 

Posts were scheduled in advance to consistently go out regularly every week. We spent time in the beginning testing and analysing data to help us find which number of posts a week gets the best engagement, and when their audience is the most active. 

Our content that we posted for Pass The Keys was a mixture of generic brand content to help boost brand awareness, promotion of properties to help with property bookings and also information about the services to help the objective of generating leads from Short-Let property owners. 

Mini Website & Landing Pages

When we started working with the Pass The Keys franchises, all website visitors for each location were being directed to the main, HQ website – which is where all properties were being advertised and all leads were being generated. 

However, this became a slight issue for us, as we weren’t able to do 3 necessary things:

  • Be able to track what conversions are coming from our campaigns
  • Be able to retarget back to visitors who didn’t convert
  • Be able to analyse data of traffic visiting the website

So, we came to the conclusion of setting up individual, mini-websites for each franchise which consisted of 2 x landing pages:

  • Property Management page – containing information about the brands’ property management services, examples of their work and a CTA for the visitor to take action
  • Property Bookings page – containing an overview of the location and a portfolio of all the available properties the visitor can book. 

This allowed us to be able to track conversions, analyse website traffic and retarget back to website visitors who didn’t convert. It also allowed us to create the landing pages to match up with the franchises objectives of specific types of properties or locations they were wanting to focus on. 

Paid Social

Once we had improved each franchisee’s Social Media channel(s) and designed their own, bespoke mini-website; it was then time to launch their Paid Social Ads across Facebook and Instagram platforms. We ran 2 campaigns for each franchisee; Property Acquisition and Booking Acquisition.

The Property Acquisition campaign was targeted at Airbnb/Holiday Home/Short-Let property home owners in a certain radius of the franchise’s location. This audience was then hit with a series of ‘top of funnel’ Ads, promoting the Pass The Keys brand and providing expertise to the audience – those that showed interest were then moved further down the funnel where they were hit with more enticing and direct ads, encouraging them to take action.

The main objective of this campaign was to generate new leads, either through the mini-websites or Facebook’s Lead Forms.  

The Booking Acquisition campaign was a little bit different, we were targeting people who were interested in both booking a breakaway, and were also interested in the franchises’ location. This audience was hit with ads promoting the properties that each franchise had on its portfolio, as well as reasons why to visit their desired location.

The main objective of this campaign was to generate bookings for properties the franchise had on their portfolio.

We made sure that all campaigns had the same style creatives and tone of voice that we were implementing as part of the Organic Social content, making sure everything fell hand-in-hand.  

Google Ads

As well as running Paid Social Ads to help reach each Franchises’ objectives – we also set-up and managed Google Ads campaigns for each location too. 

The Google Ads campaigns were laid out similar to those of the Paid Social campaigns, split into 2; generating new leads and also property bookings. 

Before launching a Google Ads campaign in each new location, we made sure to perform thorough keyword research to make sure that there was a demand for their services in their relevant area, that their audiences were actually searching for.

We were also able to use this keyword research to allow us to select popular keywords for our campaigns. 

We drove traffic to each specific landing pages, from each relevant Ad (i.e Property Acquisition campaign went to the Property Management page). If the visitor didn’t convert at this stage, then they would automatically be added to our Paid Social retargeting campaigns (if they have a Social Media account) to be retargeted back to. 

In some of the more popular locations (i.e major cities), this Google Ads campaign came in at quite an expensive amount, especially compared to the Paid Social campaigns we were running. With our management and optimisation, we were able to reduce this as much as possible.

The results

With the addition of the Mini-websites for each franchise, this allowed us to be able to track exactly what conversions came from our Paid Social and Google Ads campaigns, as well as any coming via Organic Social. 

Results varied per location, with the more popular locations getting the best results – but the more rural areas also pulling in good leads, at a low cost too. 

Results listed are overall, across all franchises we worked with. 

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