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SourceMore+ works with Recruitment Agencies and other businesses with on-going recruitment projects to help them source more, fully qualified candidates through Digital Marketing strategies for their job vacancies. 

SourceMore+ provides bespoke marketing strategies, that are fully tailored to suit the clients business, business sector and target-candidates. Putting together a strategy, that will attract the correct type of people based on the clients available job positions or type of applicant. 

The process is complete from start to finish – from creating and launching the Digital campaigns, to monitoring and optimising – as well as screening applicants generated so that you only receive the fully-qualified candidates ready for you to contact. 

The start

SourceMore+ is a divisional brand of Addicted. Marketing, that was launched in January 2023. We built the brand in-house, including full branding and website design ready to launch our new and exciting project at the start of 2023. 

We first started off by designing the brand first, allowing us to visualise how the brand itself is going to look – so we can implement this into the website build. 

Once the branding was complete, it allowed us to implement the website which was a basic one-page website containing all of the vital information and CTAs.

Branding Design

As this was a divisional brand to Addicted. Marketing, we wanted to make sure there were certain elements that all matched up that is consistent throughout the group. 

Although the SourceMore+ brand was to be separate and stand out, we continued to use the same fonts and more to help remain concise throughout. 

Each divisional brand from the Addicted. Marketing group will have its own colour, with SourceMore+’s being blue. After deciding on the colour schemes and fonts, we got to work to design the branding including Logo, Business Cards and Flyers. 

Website Build

Once the branding was complete, the last step was to start building out the SourceMore+’s website. When doing the initial frameworks, we decided that we wanted this Website to be a basic and clear design containing all of the important and relevant information to help improve the User Experience. 

We used the original sitemap, as more of a layout for the one paged website and cut the content right down. We wanted the content that was going to be used across the website to be straight to the point so the user doesn’t have to scroll and scroll to find out what they want to find out. 

We created the framework and implemented the custom build onto the domain – then added the final touches including contact and book a call forms, a blog section and more. 

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