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SupaStrikers provide football-based activity sessions for all children aged 2-5 years, taking the form of weekly indoor sessions. As well as learning core football and movement skills, children attending SupaStrikers classes will also develop their awareness of shapes, colours, simple numbers and social skills.

SupaStrikers operate at over 150 different locations across the UK, and for each region have a qualified coach who specialises in working with children in each specific age group. 

The start

We partnered up with SupaStrikers in May 2022, to help them achieve 2 objectives:

  • Encourage new sign-ups to SupaStrikers classes through both Organic and Paid Social
  • Generate new leads to expand in to new locations

We set to tackle those by generating engaging content across their Social Media channels (Facebook and Instagram), as well as running targeted Paid Social ads through the same channels – mainly to encourage new sign-ups. 

There was already existing campaigns running, that we were set with the task of increasing the number of leads – but reducing the costings. 

Organic Social

Across the SupaStrikers accounts, there was already a good amount of content being shared across their Social Media channels – with some of them already having a reasonably good following and engagement rates.

We first started out by creating a consistent and creative theme across each post, which stands out and helps boost brand recognition. 

When we started pushing out the content, we spent time testing different styles, days and times to help us determine what the winning posting formula is to help us move ahead with.

We created content calendars for every single month to allow our creatives to plan ahead and create the content, inline with our strategy in advance. 

Paid Social

The main focus for a Paid Social campaign for SupaStrikers, was to generate new leads for franchises, to help them expand in to new locations. 

There was already an existing Lead Gen campaign in place, that was getting a steady amount of Leads, at a reasonable cost per lead each month – however, we wanted to grow that number, as well as reduce the amount SupaStrikers were paying per lead.

We spent some time looking in to the previous data and making amendments to the copy, creatives and testing different audiences until we started to see a consistent increase in leads, with the cost per lead also starting to drop off. 

We also ran targeted campaigns, aimed at parents with young toddlers, in the targeted areas that SupaStrikers covered to help encourage more sign-ups.  

The results

During Q4, we were able to massively exceed their target ROAS of x3.5, hitting a ROAS of not far off x5. A ROAS of x4.92, equates to £4.92 for every £1 spent. 

During October-December period, we were able to generate 894 sales through our work on their Social Media channels, equating to an average order value of £25.20 – which is a good amount for a store with such low prices. 

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