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Email Marketing.

Email marketing can provide a very profitable return on investment, when ran alongside paid ads and done correctly. With clever flows and clear automation, email marketing can be a hassle-free funnel and a method to nurture the lifetime value of your customers. 

Email marketing is beneficial for all businesses, especially those in the eCommerce space. If you already have a mailing list in place, then you are in a massively advantageous position to start developing your email marketing strategy. When added to a multi-platform strategy, email can be a beneficial addition to your toolbox. 

We use feature-rich email marketing platforms that are ideal for a wide range of businesses. A massive advantage that email offers is that prospects are more than likely to see and read through an email, than they are to read through a Social Media ad.

Your own project manager.

You will be allocated your own project manager, who you are able to have direct contact with and will provide you with regular communication.

Clear timeframes.

We have a clear process which allows us to implement a set timeframe, allowing us to deliver top quality projects on time.

Training & Support.

Once your project is complete, we provide you with training to allow you to make any required additions to your website. 

Our team of creatives deliver Email Marketing campaigns that direct your audiences to converting, using automation and personalisation to our advantage. We create captivating touch points that will help drive sales and put your brand in the limelight.   

Your most essential emails are automated and sent to your mailing list(s) whenever required. We set-up this process, resulting in optimise ROI and monitoring to help make sure there is consistent growth throughout.  


Our creatives create bespoke templates for your emails, fitting in with your brand identity and capturing the attention of your mailing list 

Engaging Content

Our content team create eye-catching subject lines and bod copy that gets your audience opening emails – increasing your conversion rates. 

Personalised Emails

Unless specified, we make all emails personalised to help engage with your audience – resulting in increased conversions and loyalty.

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Email strategy

Putting your blueprint for success together with an email strategy that engages with your audience(s)

Engaging content

Cutting through the noise with engaging email content that puts your brand in front of your audiences eyes


We make sure emails are personalised to help build loyalty and help ensure that your audience can relate to content


Helping you welcome customers, nurture your pipeline and drive sales, without doing hardly any work at all

A/B Testing

Continually developing and optimising your campaigns to get the most from your email marketing campaigns

Landing Pages

Making sure your website experience is as meaningful and relatable to your email content that your visitors will see

Email Marketing is a process of generating leads or sales by sending them a series of emails to your prospect mailing list. This form of marketing is cost-effective, powerful and can easily generate hundreds of leads or sales depending on your approach. 

Email Nuturing is when you send emails to your existing client base, for example, to help entice them back in to purchasing with you. 

An example of Email Nurturing is sending a variety of offers or discounts to someone who has added a product to your cart, but hasn’t actually purchased for example.

Email Marketing requires a specialist skill to succeed and lots of technical considerations are necessary to help ensure you are being compliant and to help with campaign performance.

Here are some examples of the skills an Email Marketing specialist will have:

  • Technical – identify prospects, set up & optimise campaigns, manage budgets & build reports
  • Creative – understand the type of content your audience would want to see, and putting it all together
  • Strategic – Identifying areas of improvement for your email marketing campaigns, taking new approaches and improving performance


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