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Organic Social Media Management.

Organic Social Media is a marketing strategy that entails making use of the free tools available through Social Media platforms to post and interact with your page followers and reach new potential people without any additional payments to the platform. However, the only people who will see the posts are your existing followers or anyone that lands on your page. 

The difference between Organic and Paid Social, is that with Paid Social – there is a charge to the platform to promote the Ad. However, you can read more people, whether they are aware of your brand or not. 

Now, despite Social Media platforms trying their very best to pressurise you in to spending money on their platforms, it is important to remember that Organic and Paid Social fall hand-in-hand with each other when done correctly. You will see a strong increase in results, more efficiently by utilising both strategies. 

Organic Social content helps you stay engaged with your existing audience and allows you to build a community amongst the audience and customers. This is done through ways of posting relevant and engaging content, as well as interacting with your audience. 

Regular reporting.

Receive a basic weekly breakdown of insights as well as a full, in-depth report at the end of every month

Your own account manager.

You will be allocated your own account manager who you will have direct contact with and will provide you with regular communication

No long-term contracts.

We don’t work with long-term contracts, meaning you are not tied in to working with us for a long time (we know you will want to though…)

Gone are the days of just writing up a quick post and sticking a fitting image with it and posting it. There’s a whole lot more to an Organic Social Media strategy in today’s era.

There are a lot of other Marketing Agencies that offer Social Media management and pretty much anyone can stick a Social Media post together every week – but that’s where Addicted. Marketing are different.

We use our creative and social-savvy brains to develop content for brands we work with that entertains your audience and promotes what you do – from producing video content to designing other types of creative assets.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we spend time researching your audience which allows us to be in their shoes and think – if I was purchasing from this brand? What would I expect to see… 


The biggest key to Organic Social Media success, is by creating and tailoring an effective Organic Social Media strategy – as well as knowing and understanding your target audience.

By knowing who we are actually talking to, allows us to implement a detailed strategy and tone directly at their level, in terms they would want to hear – with creatives that catch their eyes and stop their thumbs from scrolling. 

Organic posts

Generating and posting out content that is relevant to your brand and audience, as well as falling hand-in-hand with your objectives. 


We implement the use of relevant and popular hashtags, which allows us to connect you to new audiences who are searching for related hashtags. 

Engagement & Interaction

Your audience can sometimes expect an immediate response to any type of engagement- we make sure we’re on the case.

Content Creation

We creative Organic Social content that stops your audience from scrolling and gets them engaged – such as imagery, videos, carousels and more.

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With a team of Social Savvy creatives, we can help scale your Social Media channel’s reach and engagement levels. We review your competitors and work closely with you to help create a strategy that implements key brand fundamentals, such as themes, tone of voice, content calendars, hashtags and more. 

Content Creation

Our Social Savvy writers and designers work to bring your Social Media pages to life with engaging posts, featuring eye-catching creatives and engaging copy.


We take advantage of industry insights and your analytical data to create a schedule of posts that maximises your reach and engagement rates.

Managing Community

Helping you reach new people and excite your existing following. By using your tone of voice and other elements, we can make your brand stand out.

Yes and no.

Gone are the days of posting any random photo and text as a post on your chosen platform(s). There needs to be a key strategy behind it, which must match your objectives and so much more.

The content you put out to your followers needs to be engaging and eye-catching otherwise your audience will just continue to scroll and will pay no attention at all. By creating content that captures their attention, the likelihood is that they will look out for posts by your page in the future. 

With the average user spending over 3 hours a day on different platforms, and nearly half of the entire worlds population now actively using Social Media; this provides massive opportunity to get in front of audiences who already know you exist, and promote your products or services to them.

Using a strong and engaging Organic Social Media strategy helps nurture the lifetime value of existing customers, keep them engaged and build new and maintain existing relationships. 

Some audiences also use brands’ Social Media channels as a way of verifying their authenticity and credibility. 

At Addicted. Marketing, we have over 14 years of experience working across the most popular Marketing platforms. With our team of Social Savvy and creative marketing experts, we really do help businesses explode via the power of Social Media and Digital Marketing as a whole. 

We’re a young, but passionate, team who just understand Social Media. We were addicted to it when we were going up, which allowed us to see how the platforms evolved – and we’re still addicted to it now.


We’re that confident in getting brands we work with results, we don’t have any long-term contracts. Our clients work with us because they find it to be the best solution for their marketing. 

We start on a minimum of a 3-month term contract, before moving to a monthly rolling contract – allowing you to drop out at any point should you find the results to not be worthy enough for you. 


Yes, we sure can! At Addicted. Marketing, we’re a full-service agency which means we offer pretty much anything your business needs when it comes to Digital Marketing.


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