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Paid Search Advertising (PPC/Pay Per Click).

Google Ads allows you to promote your website in front of audiences who are proactively searching for keywords related to your brand, products or services. This makes the marketing strategy highly targeted and relevant to your audience – making Google an effective marketing platform for any business. 

However, there is a lot more to PPC campaigns than keywords and ads. It starts from thorough Keyword Research, making sure they have a strong search volume and are relevant to your products and services – as well as thinking about; is this keyword someone would be using to search for what you do? 

When it comes to creating, monitoring and optimising Paid Search campaigns, we are at the top of our game. If you are looking to work with an agency who knows their sh*t about Google Ads, you are at the right place.

Regular reporting.

Receive a basic weekly breakdown of insights as well as a full, in-depth report at the end of every month

Your own account manager.

You will be allocated your own account manager who you will have direct contact with and will provide you with regular communication

No long-term contracts.

We don’t work with long-term contracts, meaning you are not tied in to working with us for a long time (we know you will want to though…)

By choosing to add Google Ads to your Marketing Strategy, can massively excel your results – when done correctly. 

By taking advantage of using a Paid Search campaign, this allows you to get in front of an audience who have a high purchasing-intent and are searching for exactly what it is you provide. 

We build our account structures aligned with the best practices to help produce you high quality scores, which result in lower cost per clicks.

By reducing the cost per click, this means you are able to stretch your budget further – allowing for improved results. 

Google Search

We create, monitor and optimise high-performing Google Search campaigns, targeting audiences who are proactively searching for your brand, products or services.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping ads allows you to enhance the visibility of your products, by displaying them at the summit of search results that are relevant to that individual product.

Google Display

We set up visually-appealing Google Display Ads which helps increase brand awareness and capture your audience through creative and eye-catching ads.

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Ads, is very similar to Google Ads – but can be a proven, cost-effective method to be one-step ahead of your competitors when it comes to Paid Search marketing.

Amazon Ads

By creating Amazon Ads, this helps ensure that your products will always remain ahead of your competitors – allowing your audience to see your Ads and purchase products they are searching for.

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A Google Ads campaign that has been well-optimised and regularly is almost guaranted to boost your ROAS, help drive conversions and lower your customer acquisition costs at the same time. 

Our award-winning Paid Search team has created hundreds of effective PPC campaigns for a wide range of brands, big and small across many different industries – in both B2B and B2C sectors. 

Google Ads Strategy

We create brand new campaigns based on our initial research of your audiences, sector, competitors and your brand. We dig deep in to previous data and spend time identifying your audience which allows us to determine the correct message, USP's and other key elements for a great campaign.

We also provide you with Conversion Rate improvements to your website, where necessary, to help improve on the success of your campaigns. We will help to build new landing pages, create email marketing strategies and more.


PPC Campaigns are based around the keywords or search terms you want to be appearing for. Your target audience will find you if they are looking for search terms that are related to your business - so it is important to choose the best ones.

At Addicted. Marketing, we perform thorough keyword research to help us identify the best keywords to use for your campaign, which helps reduce on wasted spend to get you the best results possible.

Landing Pages

Just because your ad is showing in the Number 1 position, it doesn't mean your ads are getting the best conversions in the world.

You need to win your audience over with your landing page or website. Think of your landing pages as your online shop window - you need this to be fully-optimsed so it attracts and engages with your audience.


The term conversions in the world of PPC is not always a sale. It all depends on your KPI's! A conversion can be classed as someone visiting your website, filling out a survey or joining up to your mailing list.

It is important to remember that the most important element, is the number of sales or leads your campaign is generating. Whether you're wanting to reach new customers or nurture existing customers, Google Ads can be a huge sales machine when set-up correctly.

As one of the most popular, results-driven, performance marketing agencies, ADDICTED. Marketing is the ideal growth partner to help your business scale. When working with us, clients see an increase in the number of leads, sales and revenue within only a few months of working with us. 

  • We’re results-driven, every decision we make is based on results we have in front of them
  • We go above and beyond for our clients to make sure your advertising campaigns succeed
  • We’re flexible. We work with you in a way that suits you and the way you work
  • We’re transparent, everything is completely transparent at every stage. Nothing is ever swept under the carpet. 

Google Ads can be really beneficial if you are looking to drive traffic to your website, here’s why:

  • Google Ads help increase website traffic – whether they convert when they are on your website or not, you have done the first step of getting them to click on your website, which creates potential for conversions in the future.
  • Even if searchers don’t click on you right away, your name will still be on the top of Google and will start creating brand awareness
  • You only pay when someone clicks on your ad

PPC campaigns are a great cost-effective marketing strategies, for a number of reasons:

  • They allow you to have complete control of the budget – you only pay when someone clicks on your ad
  • They help you fast forward a few steps of your funnel and help convert warm audiences who are proactively looking for your products or services
  • You can measure and tweak your campaign at any time to ensure the best return on investment
  • They’re not expensive to produce when you compare it to the revenue that a good campaign can deliver


PPC is one of the most popular marketing strategies available, so more and more businesses are looking for ways to maximise their ROI through PPC campaigns. The market is becoming more saturated by the day and businesses are finding it difficult to make their presence known.

We are a popular PPC agency and we remain on top of every trend and market change to ensure we are always offering the best service availabe. We remain transparent the whole way through and we set realistic goals in relation to your budget available to help get the best ROI.

By working with ADDICTED, you get access to more than just a team of PPC experts, you also have access to a wide range of services that can be used to spread the word about your brand and help scale your business. 


Yes, we sure can! At Addicted. Marketing, we’re a full-service agency which means we offer pretty much anything your business needs when it comes to Digital Marketing.


There’s no simple answer to this question. There are positives and negatives for both. 

It mostly depends on your goals, budget and time available to reach your objectives. We try not to look at it as one being better than the other, but 2 separate effective marketing strategies that can help solve different objectives. 

SEO has a lot of advantages and is something that any business can benefit from if done correctly. However, PPC also cuts out a lot of the time and labour that comes with SEO. Google Ads helps you…

  • Jump to the top of Google rankings without having to optimise your content or invest heavily 
  • Create immediate search engine visibility for your business
  • Have a measurable ROI and you don’t spend unless people engage with your ad

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