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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

With the help of our Organic Search experts, we can help you climb to the top of search engine rankings, for search terms related to your brand. This results in increased site traffic, new visitors engaging with your brand, boosts visibility and gives you a boost to reaching your brands objectives.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving your websites’ ranking on search engines for searches relevant to your brand, resulting in increased traffic. Our SEO specialists optimise Website configurations, optimise content  and develop link strategies to help make sure that pages are relevant for those search queries your visitors are finding you through; resulting in an improved page ranking on Search Engines such as Google and Bing. 

Any business not taking advantage of SEO is potentially missing out on huge amounts of traffic, which is usually highly-relevant and free. SEO can be difficult and must be done correctly by experts, but when done right – it can help you increase conversions such as sales and leads. 

Regular Reporting.

Receive a basic weekly breakdown of insights as well as a full, in-depth report at the end of every month

Dedicated account manager.

You will be allocated your own account manager who you will have direct contact with and will provide you with regular communication

No long-term contracts.

We don’t work with long-term contracts, meaning you are not tied in to working with us for a long time (we know you will want to though…)

Settle for more than a service that just boosts your traffic. At Addicted. Marketing, we have an impressive reputation for generating and taking part in SEO campaigns that boost brands’ revenue. 

When working with our SEO specialists, we do a variety of different things such as analysing your audience, competitors and market insights – as well as auditting your Website to help define the right approach.

Our SEO approaches are built with your audience in mind, helping generate valuable leads and increase your sales.  

Google My Business is the #1 way to display your brands’ important information on Google. GMB allows you to display your location, opening hours, contact information and customer revenues on a neat and tidy card when users search for you.

As a part of our SEO, we help you set-up and optimise your GMB profile, allowing you to control the first impression your audience gets online and boosting your local SEO performance. 

On-Page SEO

Consists of optimising elements such as HTML, Meta Data and more across individual Web Pages to help rank higher. 

Technical SEO

The process of ensuring your website meets the technical requirements of modern search engines.


Spend time delving in and compiling keyword research, relevant to your brand to start ranking for.


Writing highly-optimised SEO blogs to provide relevant and quality content across your website.

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SEO Audit

We provide you with an audit that outlines all technical issues on your website, such as duplicate content, HTML/Text Ration, Meta Data, Page titles and more to provide us with insight.

SEO Strategy

We help you define your SEO objectives and develop a bespoke strategy, inline with the audit to help you appear for keywords that are relevant to your brand

Keyword Research

The key to any SEO strategy. We look at the competitiveness of a term and the volume of searches to help us identify opportunity within your target market.

Link Building

We can get people talking about your brand, sending the right signals to Google. We find where your competitors are gaining their links from, and go one better for you.

Content Marketing

Creating engaging and relating content (blogs for example) is the key for your SEO performance. This helps drive people to your website and keeps them engaged.


Take control of how your business appears on Google with an optimised Google My Business profile, delivering key information to your audience when searching for you.

Your website is an online shopwindow and a building block for your online business growth. 

If you want to be your business to be successful, SEO needs to play a key part in your marketing strategy; we know for a fact your competitors are doing so. 

Search engines promote the best-optimised websites and most relevant products and services, related to the search term that your users are looking to find. By ensuring your business outranks your competitors, is a great way to make the most of this strategy. 

No matter what your goal is, the right expertise and attention to detail will do more than help you exceed those objectives. So whether you are looking to increase your number of leads, revenue, traffic or any other aspect – be sure to consider SEO.

Every single website is different and will have different strengths, weaknesses, issues and opportunities. 

We start off by analysing your website from top to bottom, across all of the different aspects of SEO.

We prioritise the areas that will have the most impact on your business. It isn’t an overnight process, but a definite long-term investment.v 

Yes! We compile in-depth SEO audits that are one of the most detailed in the industry.

Our set SEO process makes sure that no single issue could slip through the cracks.

We do this so it helps us build the best possible roadmap based on your top priorities across the website to make sure your investment into SEO is the best possible. 


We understand that deciding on your preferred SEO partner is a big decision and you want to get the best ROI. 

At Addicted. Marketing we don’t just work hard to provide you a good ROI, but we also focus on building relationships and results. We support clients as an expert extension to your marketing team.

We work hard to understand everything about you and your goals, to help drive your business towards them with nothing but pure passion as we love what we do. 


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