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Introducing SourceMore+

Introducing SourceMore+

Introducing our new Divisional Brand; SourceMore+.

SourceMore+ works with Recruitment Agencies and other businesses with on-going recruitment projects, to help them source more fully-qualified candidates – all through the power of digital.

At Addicted. Marketing – we have over 25 years worth of experience in marketing together; 18 of those are spread across working with a number of businesses to help them gain more applications for their job vacancies. Post-covid, we saw a decrease in the available job opportunities, up until 2022 when the market began to surge again.

Last year, we encountered a popularity in working with these types of businesses again to help them reach their desired objectives and focus on finding them their ideal target-candidates. That led us to the decision to launch our first divisional brand in January 2023. 

Today marks the official launch of SourceMore+, focussing on working with specialist Recruitment Agencies, or businesses with large recruitment projects.

But, how does SourceMore+ help?

During the discovery phase, SourceMore+ takes the time to learn more about you, your business, your business sector, your available vacancies and your ideal target-candidates.

After learning more about the above information, our team of recruitment marketing experts create a fully tailored and specific strategy as to how we will help you reach those people, by thinking outside of the box across Digital Marketing platforms, such as:

  • Organic Social
  • Paid Social
  • Paid Search

Not just that, but SourceMore+ helps you throughout the whole process. Starting with the creation and launch of your Digital campaigns, through to monitoring and optimizing – and then actually screening the applicants that we have generated to make sure that they meet your criteria before being sent across.

So, if you’re looking for help with your recruitment and wanting to generate more candidates that fall within your criteria then head to and find out more.