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top b2c lead gen strategies on whiteboard

Top B2C Lead Gen Strategies

Ways to generate more B2C leads.

Are you looking to generate more B2C leads and sales, but don’t know where to start?

It’s all down to your B2C marketing and how you differentiate from B2B marketing. There’s overlap between B2C and B2B marketing, but there are also a lot of distinct differences you should consider when planning a lead generation campaign for a B2C audience. 

When you are communicating directly with your consumer, you are talking to a much larger audience, with different variants of needs, opinions and budgets. Your message needs to reflect this and communicate in a broad way. 

So, what is the key to B2C marketing? We’ve put together some of the top B2C lead gen strategies for you to try out.


Video, Video and Video content

This is the easiest and most sufficient way of communicating directly to consumers. 

The average user is up to 20x more than likely to engage with video content, than any other type of content – this means that if you are selling a product or service to an end customer, you need to be using video content. Try creating:

  • Explainer videos
  • Tips and tricks
  • TikTok/Instagram Reels showing off your products
  • Generic video ads

You can also experiment with live stream content to engage directly with your current audience.

Automated Email Marketing

Emails can be surprisingly powerful, even if email marketing is slightly outdated. It is a direct communication link, with a potential customer – every B2C business’ dream. 

However, when sending out thousands of emails – you can lose that personal touch, so that’s where email automation comes in. 

Imagine you receive 2 emails; one starts with ‘Hi there’ and the other starts with ‘Hi first name’ – you will be much happier about the email that has your name in. 

That’s the beauty of email automation, you can automatically add in the recipient’s name and any other details you have of them on file, giving the impression that your email is just for them. 

According to our stats, sending more personalised emails increases open rates by over 300%.

Paid Social Advertising

Have you been scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and you’ve came across an advert for something you searched for a few days ago?

That’s because us marketeers can target social ads based on your preferences and interests. 

On average, you need around 8 touchpoints before making a sale – seeing an advert of yours can be one of them. 

It’s important to have persistence, Social Ads are a great way to maintain front of mind awareness. You want to be the brand your customers think of when they decide it’s time to make a purchase. If your ads have been floating round in front of them, who do you think they will call…?

You, obviously. 

Improve your UX on your website

Your user experience is the most important part of a website… It’s pointless having an amazing website, if it is slow, clunky or difficult to navigate around. Make sure you have the following…

  • Quick website
  • Looks good and matches your brand
  • Easy to navigate
  • Clear CTA’s
  • Relevant content

Customers have a short attention span and they need to be engaged immediately in order for them to buy from you. 

Chat Bots

Chatbots have come a very long way. Studies show that people visiting your website will often be reluctant to fill out a form and give their details… however, they will happily talk to a chatbot in order to get instant answers to their queries. 

While your website visitor is talking to your chatbot, they might not convert there and then – but they will leave your website after a positive experience and may visit again when they are ready to purchase. 


No matter how good your campaigns are, or how well your targeting formula is… most visitors won’t convert the first time. 

That is why retargeting is so important. Retargeting is setting out targeted ads to people who have visited, or taken an action on your website but haven’t yet converted. 

This is a great way to follow up with potential customers and draw their interest back in. 

If you are struggling to get the best results for your Lead Generation campaign, then why not speak to our specialist Marketing Consultants to see how our team at ADDICTED. Marketing can help you.

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