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black friday sales marketing

Black Friday Marketing Ideas

Creative Black Friday sale marketing ideas.

Black (Friday 25th November) and Cyber Monday (Monday 28th November) are always the peaks of the shopping season – so every business will be wanting to take advantage of this period. 

A Black Friday marketing campaign is a campaign specifically based around targeting customers looking for Black Friday bargains. This can be marketing across Social Media, paid and organically, using PPC, influencers and more. 

When done correctly, Black Friday sales can account for up to 25% of your annual revenue.

Tip: Run your sale from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday



Here are some examples of Marketing ideas to get you the best Black Friday sales…
Create a sneak peak
By showing off less, can intrigue your target audience more. You can show your audience just a few of the leading products that will be on sale before the sale date. 
You can add these to your newsletters, promote them on Social Media, create a pop-up on your website, create a video and a lot more to start doing this. 
Reveal a new product
Do you have a new product coming? Now might be the time to reveal it… People love new and fresh products. You should take this opportunity to start selling your new product and can even help entice previous customers back to your store. 
Offer early-bird discount
Use existing data, such as your mailing list, to send out an update to all of your audience informing them of your Black Friday sales. To make it sound a little bit more exciting, offer a sneak peek of the discounts and offer them a discount code so they can access the sale a day or two before the public.
Promo video
Whether this is a countdown video or a video featuring your products on sale –  a week in advance, create a promo video advertising your Black Friday sale. This can help generate more hype around your sale and get people prepared. 
Exclusive Black Friday post
Prior to the sale, create a post and a paid advert on your Social media channels with a showcase of some of your featured products that are on sale during your Black Friday sale. This encourages people to stay tuned for the sale to start and gets them waiting.
TikTok Influencer
We all know by now the rave about TikTok and that it isn’t rare for influencers to get millions of views on their videos. How about connecting with an influencer and getting them to make a few videos of your products, including in there about your Black Friday sales. 
Buy one, get one …
This sales tactic always works wonders. It involves upselling to get people to buy more than 1 product. Whether they get the next free or just a discount – it is yet another useful tip to persuade people towards purchasing from your store. 
So, in a nutshell – you definitely shouldn’t be looking past Black Friday. You can use some of these tips to help create hype around your business’s Black Friday sale.
Are you stuck for marketing ideas? Jump on a discovery call with a member of our team to find out how we can help you improve your Black Friday sales.