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Writing Engaging Ad Copy

In Digital Marketing, every click counts and User Attention is like gold; this makes crafting the perfect Ad Copy more essential than ever. If you want to create an engaging, attention-grabbing message then this blog post is for you. We’ve put together this five-step guide on how to write Ad Copy that truly resonates. 

Dive into your Audience's world

Understanding your audience isn’t just about recognising the demographics – it’s about putting yourself in their shoes. Fancy tech jargon might appeal to IT professionals, but will it appeal to busy parents seeking simplicity?

Visualise your Target Audience, perhaps they’re millennials seeking the next big thing; every phrase and every hook you use should be used to echo their aspirations, needs and language.

Identify Benefits not Features

People don’t buy products, they buy better versions of themselves. This changes the direction of your ad copy; talk less about what your product does and more about how it makes life better. The 20mp camera? It’s not just great pixels, it’s the magic of capturing life’s moments in stunning vision. 

Position your offer as not just a product, but their ideal life or solution. 

Keep it Short & Sharp

Attention span across online platforms is like the attention span of a goldfish (no offence Goldfish…) – keeping your ad copy concise is the way forward. Being concise doesn’t mean dull; it just means your words should be strong and impactful. Each sentence should pack a punch, convey value and urge the reader to continue with the action.

Talk about Pain Points and Emotions

When writing Ad Copy, don’t just see it as an ad; see it as an experience. Remember the adverts that tugged at your heartstrings or made you chuckle? That’s the power of emotion. Use strong images and storytelling to make your readers feel something. Whether it be excitement or the sheer joy of discovery.

Use Convincing CTA's

Your Call-To-Action isn’t just a button or a line – it’s the crescendo of your symphony. After getting your readers passionate about the tale, they then need guiding through the wonders of your offer. This is your chance to urge them to take the final leap.

Whether you are encouraging them to ‘find out more’, ‘grab a deal’ or ‘sign up today’, your CTA should fall hand-in-hand with your message and offer value that your audience can’t say no to. 

As much as the world of Digital Marketing is exciting, it is also challenging. With the right words, a better understanding of your audience and some creativity – your ad copy can stand out amongst the rest. 

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